Written by BonusKun

Metal Slug 3 Debug Dip Codes

1-1 Displays program code on screen
1-2 Unknown
1-3 Unknown
1-4 Removes information off screen expect Credits,Score & Time
1-5 Displays a pathline on the screen
1-6 Displays attack data on character and bullets fired.
1-7 Collision detection boxes can be seen
1-8 Player is invincible
2-1 Unknown
2-2 Displays a messed up sprite on screen
2-3 Infinite Grenades & Tank Shells
2-4 Infinite Ammo on ALL special weapons
2-5 Displays annoying shadow on screen
2-6 Unknown
2-7 Unknown
2-8 Displays attack data on emeny characters

Coming up with this set codes was fairly easy. As far as usefulness goes, This set is probably the best so far. Getting unlimited ammo and grenades is pretty helpful in those tight spots where you're usually forced to conserve to make it further in the game. Dip 1-5 is useful if you're trying to locate the alternate paths in slug 3. 

The ultimate use of the Debug Bios for this game is the ability to give yourself 99 lives at the start of the game. To get this you would goto the 'Player Select' Screen then go into the debug bios under 'Game Soft DIP'. From here you can adjust the lives, Credit/Level Displays, and even restore the blood on the english settings instead of booting the system as a japanese Neo*Geo. Once you're done with your settings, Simply go back to the 'Player Select' screen, Pick your character and enjoy full uncensored Metal Slug 3. 

As of this writing I haven't decided what set of game Dip Codes I'm going to work on next.*No Rasa. I won't do Legend of Success Joe!! :-)* So if you have a game you want me to delve into, please post your request on the forum and I'll see if it merits attention. Until then, SNK ownz j00.


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