Written by BonusKun

Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 Dip codes

1-1 Instant 'Time Over' (Press Start during fight)
1-2 Both players are invincible
1-3 Stage select enable
1-4 Unknown
1-5 Displays program code on bottom of screen
1-6 Press ABCD on either player to decrease your opponent's Health bar.
1-7 Displays oddly placed hit detection boxes
1-8 Play as Alfred. Displays character collision detection boxes
2-1 Enable "Easy Super moves". For SDM Press D,D+'A' Hidden SDM's D,D+'C'
2-2 Skip the next match.
2-3 View ending. Enable at character select screen
2-4 Unknown
2-5 Unknown
2-6 Displays more program code
2-7 Unknown
2-8 Play as Alfred

Notes:To Select Alfred you need to have both Dips 1-8 & 2-8 on.

Turn these on at the 'How to play Screen'. When you are on the player Select screen, Highlight Terry, Hold B & C, then press either A or D.
You will still see Terry's pic until the VS Screen which it will change to Alfred.

Once done, Turn the dips off and Resume normal play.

Afterthought:Well this is my 2nd revision on this set of dips codes. I was still new to working on how to make these come out and I missed a LOT of cool things you could do in RB2. You'll find that this set is a lot more complete and overall more filling than the last set.

Dip 2-1 really REALLY makes this game way to easy with unlimited easy to do SDMs. Also For Geese, Krauser, & Joe you would have to tap down tiwce and hit the 'D' button to get a 3rd SDM. I.E. Geese's Deadly Rave or Joe's sidestep super.

Dip 1-6 also makes matches easy for you guys who want a fast win. If you're up to the challenge take controller 2 and hit all 4 buttons and let's see those mad skillz you got. ;)

Be sure to check all my other dip codes off and on seeing as I'll be looking to maybe changing some things around. I once again wish to thank those that emailed me about the Debug Bios and to the people who also gave me information about Codes and Hidden characters that I wasn't able to figure out on my own. Once again, Thanks for your support!!


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