Written by BonusKun

Real Bout Fatal Fury Special Dip Switches

1-1 Instant 'Time Up' (Press Start during fight).
1-2 Both players are invincible.
1-3 Stage select. Enable before you select your character.
1-4 Disables Player 1 'Start'.
1-5 Displays program code on sides of screen.
1-6 Press ABCD on either player to decrease
       your opponent's Health bar.
1-7 Memory Error.
1-8 Displays character collision boxes.
2-1 Enable "Easy Super moves". S.Power : Down,Down+A ; P.Power : Down,Down+C.
2-2 Skip the next match.
2-3 View ending. Enable before you select your character.
2-4 Unknown
2-5 Unknown
2-6 Displays more program code. (Sprites Coordonnates ?)
2-7 Sprite Viewer.
2-8 Debug Bios On./ Geese available.

Important notes :

On Dip 2-8 :
If you can access these settings, i assume you have a debug bios chip installed.
So dip switch 2-8 will be on (1), on default. When it is, you can pause at anytime with
Player 1 controller 'select', P2 'select' will only do a frame by frame when the game is paused.
When game is paused, on P1 controller : A,B,C,D,A
Will open the sound test. 'start' lets you switch between to two voices.
Interesting adresses : 0022 : Game Musics 00C0 : instruments 1A10 : sound effects
When game is paused, on P1 controller : D,C,B,A,D
Will open The GAME DEBUG DIP !!! with extra switches !

3-1 CPU controlled opponent doesn't move anymore.
3-2 Unknown.
3-3 Unknown.
3-4 Power Max.
3-5 Unknown.
3-6 Unknown.
3-7 Manager Menu. 2P controller acts on this menu. (Looks tough)
3-8 Shadow on top of screen. (Pal Mode ?)
4-1 Unknown.
4-2 Unknown.
4-3 Unknown.
4-4 Unknown
4-5 More coordonnates
4-6 Unknown.
4-7 Unknown.
4-8 Unknown.

Afterthought: This set of codes comes from a gentleman named Meta-Ukyo. He put some real effort into this set and went beyond what I even knew or expected in this set might have existed.

Overall This is going to make me go BACK into the RB2 Dip set and see if I can come up with some more goodies in this mess.

Thank again Meta-Ukyo and keep up the great work. :)


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