Written by BonusKun

Samurai Shodown III Dip Codes

1-1 Press Select for sound test, creation date, & time
1-2 Color Test
1-3 Sprite Viewer
1-4 Press select to advance frame by frame
1-5 Disable timer, select next CPU opponent.*
1-6 Both characeters are invinvible, Allows character cycling**
1-7 No text appears when game is paused.
1-8 Displays Hex debug data.
2-1 Unknown
2-2 Press select to pause at any screen
2-3 Single character can interrupt normal moves into special moves ***
2-4 Disable Flashing background when super moves are connecting
2-5 Unknown
2-6 Disable charging POW meter with A+B+C
2-7 Unknown
2-8 Unknown

*The final stage VS Zankuro wil not appear if this Dip is on.

**In regards to Dip 1-6, You need to turn it on during a match and then press and hold the A button then press the D button to cycle through all of the characters in the game. This works out pretty awesome if you want to change your character in the middle of a match.

*** The game might freeze up if your opponent is cut in half or Slash
Galford's super move is blocked.

Afterthoughts:I had been putting this set off for a few reasons one of them being I was getting some info on the Dips codes for this game that shed some new light.

A busy week for many things in my life has been my bane for not getting these new debug codes out sooner. If you get a chance, please look at my revisions for Real Bout 2 seeing as I located some new info as well. Once again to those of you reading this, My thanks for your support. As always contact me with any questions you might have. Bye for now.


Credit for Dip 1-6 goes to 'Sonofx51'. You rock dude. :)

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