Written by BonusKun

Samurai Shodown IV Dip Codes

1-1 Unknown
1-2 Unknown
1-3 Unknown
1-4 Unknown
1-5 Disables the timers.
1-6 Both players are now invincible
1-7 Player 1 is invincible
1-8 Unknown
2-1 Unknown
2-2 Unknown
2-3 Able to now Cancel normal moves into SDM's
2-4 Unknown
2-5 Unknown
2-6 Unknown
2-7 Unknown
2-8 Play as Zankuro

Notes: To access Zankuro, You must turn this dip on at the character selection screen. Once on, Hold 'D' and press 'A'.Once this is done, Turn the dip Off.

Extra Note:Turning on ANY of the dips codes will automatically have your Rage Guess filled infinitely.

Afterthought: Well this one was kinda short and I honestly didn't put too much time into this one. I can say that this list is really neat this time around. Playing as Zankuro is a plus and having unlimted SDM's make for some interesting chains. Being able to cancel Normal moves into SDM's is REALLY fun seeing as now the combo system was broken to begin with,This dip made for some new types of combos that wasn't normally possible. I just got Sonic Adventure 2 today and pumping in some time to that at the moment. I'm going to be doing the next set of dips for Samurai Shodown III. Someone had written in with a few things he found that I wasn't aware of. I wanted to give this person credit so if you're reading this, please contact me at See you next time.....


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