English speaking fans, gamers, & collectors can rejoice. SNK's recent arcade release, Sengoku 3, is now available for the home cartridge system as an English release.

You can look forward to healthy improvements over previous releases. For example, English Sengoku 3 will sport a full color manual.

SNK production of English Sengoku 3 was limited to 500 pieces, worldwide. exclusively distributes the English version of Sengoku 3 for only $185.

Discounts available for volume orders.
Please contact for further information.

*this is not a marketing survey to determine what quantity to order. The production is already secured, we are accepting orders now.
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  • New release
  • Official SNK
  • English version
  • Co-op Fighter
  • Full color manual

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US Title: Sengoku 3
Japanese Title: Sengoku Legends 2001
By: Noise Factory
Year: 2001
Size: 396 Megs
Home Release? 10/25/01
MVS Release? Yes
CD Release? No

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