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    NEOSD PRO - The New Terranonion Neo Geo Product March 2018.

    I've had a vanilla NEOSD MVS since it was released and have definitely enjoyed it. That said, having 4 flash slots on the PRO version so I can switch between my favorite games without having to wait to reflash games or fiddling with swapping MVS carts and the ability to play CD games is what...
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    NeoGeo Land Shop in Akiba

    Here's a Japanese blog that posted pictures of the displays and stuff (note: some NSFW images in the site layout):
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    LucasArts adventure games

    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Adventure Game was the first of the LucasArts games that I played. It actually complements and expands the mythology of the movie really even has multiple endings (like you can prevent Elsa from dying like in the movie). I've played most of them...
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    Resident Evil 2

    Bought the PC version on Friday and played through both Leon and Claire's story modes over the weekend (around 17 hours or so) on assist mode. I really, really enjoyed playing through this installment. It was the right kind of stressful (i.e. Tyrant chasing you at points) without being too...
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    Tobe! Polystars playthrough

    Yes, it definitely has Twinbee's gameplay mechanics in its DNA. I still prefer the Twinbee games for their challenge, but I would've liked to see where the Polystars franchise could've gone had they kept it going. If it ever does get a revival, I assume it'll be as a Pachinko machine, though...
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    Playstation classic anounced

    I opted to cancel my preorder for this before it shipped. I liked the SNES Mini, but the PS Classic just didn't seem anywhere near the emulation quality or game selection. I'll probably pick one up if it ever has a price drop, but I can't see myself dropping a hundred only for this to end up a...
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    Polymega system claims to now run neo geo cd games with faster load times

    New Polymega interview: Exclusive: Polymega Creator Playmaji On FPGA, Sega Saturn And Dealing With 'Healthy' Scepticism "There are things we definitely could have done better"...
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    Polymega system claims to now run neo geo cd games with faster load times

    Nintendo Life article: This all sounds like vaporware to me.
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    Polymega system claims to now run neo geo cd games with faster load times

    $600?! Hadn't even seen the pricing and packages. Holy crap... Yeah, going to wait for reviews first. (Not that you can order it anyway, what with their constant site crashes.)
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    Polymega system claims to now run neo geo cd games with faster load times

    So what's the latest news on this? I checked this afternoon and it looks like their site had crashed.
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    I'll have to grab those Stephen King audio books at some point. I'd definitely like to revisit The Stand, especially. I listened to Ready Player One recently. Wil Wheaton really gets into it and makes for a very engaging time. Definitely worth a listen.
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    Since I'm on my desktop most of the time, I'll use Winamp with a tempo/pitch/speed modifier plugin called Pacemaker so that I can pay back podcasts and audiobooks faster. Winamp also lets you jump back or forward 10 seconds at a time easily to catch something you missed. If I'm away from my...
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    Nintendo announces its "Flashback" NES Console The NES Classic Edition

    Went to Wal-Mart at 11:20 pm and there was only one person in line, that just got there also. The people working the floor had no clue, but got three out of the back to sell to us at midnight (two for the first person, one for me). Brickseek said they had 36 in stock. They also had like a dozen...
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    FREE: PS4 DLC codes for Final Fantasy XV and Life is Strange: Before the Storm

    I noticed I have a couple of extra DLC codes for some PS4 games, so I thought I'd post them here. If you grab any of them, please reply saying you used it. Final Fantasy XV - DLC swords: Gae Bolg (from FFXIV) Bonus Pack cpc8-m4ne-dc7n Mage Mashers (from FFIX) Bonus Pack b7ck-f6nr-b9pj...
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    Google AI - Real Life Conversations

    Having an AI use speech disfluencies like "um" and "uh" really does make things sound a lot more natural and hides any stiffness of the conversations, doesn't it?