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    Midwest Gaming Classic

    Heading in on Saturday gotta stop by the windy gaming! cya guys there Cheers
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    Midwest Gaming Classic

    Howdy gents! I do plan on going this year, been far too long since I last went which was in 2016. What's the consensus, so far with it moved to the Wisconsin Center? I think this one will be for the record books. While talking about local events.. I don't remember the guys name, but he had a...
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    Midwest Gaming Classic

    Be there on Sunday see you fellas there!
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    MVS Kit Box Protectors

    Get the ultimate protection Pelican 1150's! Great for tactical protection for all your Neo encase of combat situations. Currently on-sale why pay $24 for a plastic sleeve when I can be fully protected in this case for $28? :thevt:
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    OK OK... Who here believes in Ghosts... Spirits... Poltergeists...?

    Is there residual energies and feelings during mass death and murder? Perhaps, but I personally don't dismiss that they don't exist. I try to be reasonable and have explanations for most occurrences however sometimes can't explain all of them. I always like to bring up some of the Civil War...
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    Happy Birthday Xian Xi!

    Shit how did I miss this?! :scratch: Happy Belated Birthday Xian!
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    Any game gear lovers here?

    I still have my Game Gear and about 20+ games for it. As a kid it was the fucking awesome thing I could have had. I have the bulky ass huge magnifier for it, along with the joystick attachment for the d-pad, the carrying case, with strap. Gonna have to dig that beast out now that guys got me...
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    WTB 2 Official Sony PS2 Controllers

    Damn they didn't have any waiting on PM back from a member here atm. Ill keep those possibly interested posted. Thanks
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    Ned Flanders and Mr Burns depart The Simpsons

    Simpsons had a really great and amazing run, however all good things must come to an end. We are on Season 26 with a 27th season hinted at by Al Jean, to be honest it just needs to die already. Mixed feelings from the fan base on it say its lost its edge long ago and put a baseline of the good...
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    Koji Igarashi announces Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, launches Kickstarter page

    Totally backed this one looks amazing and hopefully does not disappoint! Exciting indeed.
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    need a bit of help (weapons related)

    Ahh I love the internet found this little gem while seeing what weapons the South African Army used. I was wrong it is not a Galil, its a Vektor R4/R5 assault rifle. Few of the pictures they are also sporting R1 (FN-FAL) Assault Rifles They do have AK47's but its not on this list...
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    need a bit of help (weapons related)

    Interesting combat group. From the looks of it the picture you have posted it looks like hes carrying a IMI Galil. (not 100% positive but it could be a variant of one.) Reference: The vehicles are MPAV Infantry Carriers known as a...
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    Wyo_vr4's Collection

    :buttrock::buttrock::buttrock: Kick Ass! Ill bring the beer ^_^
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    WTB 2 Official Sony PS2 Controllers

    Good call forgot there was a MME in Brookfield ill take a drive over there today and see what they have, hopefully they are decent. Thanks for the heads up owe you one Ninja ;) -EP
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    WTB 2 Official Sony PS2 Controllers

    Anybody willing to part with two good working controllers? Had and issue with damn kids breaking mine over the weekend and im pretty pissed... Getting kinda hard to find original controllers with all the cheap knock offs that seem to be everywhere. I like the feel of the original and would...