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    UK - MVS GAMES (MS2,MS3)

    Since the cab is sold, these games are now up for sale. Cart only except KoF2k3. Puzzled (Printed Label) Goal! Goal! Goal! Metal Slug 2 Metal Slug 3 (Jap Label - Blue Case) King Of Fighters 2k3 (Full Matching Kit) Pics to follow tomorrow. Taking offers now -- Prefer UK Buyers, but will ship...
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    I've sadly got to get rid of my 4 Slot MVS, Lordsvale cabinet. It's currently in Northwich and the only reason for sale is that I've finally bought a house. The bad side of this is that it's a small mid-terrace and I just don't have the space downstairs and I can't haul it up the tiny staircase...
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    Show them if you got them "Woody cabs"

    I love those big reds, my work in progress is Here
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    The Jigen Memorial MVS Label List Project - Beta Rollout

    I'll send you a Jap Metal Slug 3 image tomorrow (will scan at work)
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    Over 20 original MVS carts here for sale, some nice ones still left!

    If you consider selling international I'll take : King of Fighters 2003 w/plastic case Samurai Shodown IV Edit : Scratch KoF 2k3. Just got a kit on the bay for £23 :P
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    Puzzled - Boot Or No?

    I know you were been sarcastic, but it's not the first time I'd have seen someone steal images to stick on ebay to sell some poor guy a dodgy cart. Why put some buyer at risk, after all it may well be someone on these very boards. Yeah - I knew the label was a reprint, but thank you chris1 for...
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    Puzzled - Boot Or No?

    I've just bought my first MVS for £10. I'm still waiting for my cab to arrive, so I decided to take a look at the guts and submit it for your expert eyes! Thanks!
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    your thoughts on this stupid action?

    I sell a lot of SNES games on eBay and I report every single one of these guys I come across. It takes about 30 secs and is always worth it.
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    Show them if you got them "Woody cabs"

    Sorry to drag up this old thread, but I figured it's more polite then a random PM. I'm just about to take delivery of a 4-slot Lordsvale, and I was hoping you could give me some pointers as you've done a fantastic job of yours! It's my first cab, so I'm feeling a little touchie feely about it...
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    DecepticonZero's SNK Selling Thread

    Is that $40 for the 3 OR $40 each, it's not very clear. If it's $40 for the 3 I'll take them providing you'll post to the UK, and upon me accepting the postage quote.
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    My Neo geo 4 slot Cab,MVS Kits for sale ***NOW UPDATED WITH PICS!!!***

    It's a damn shame this version of cab was US only. It's bloody gorgeous, but I don't think sticking an airmail tag on it will get it to me. Good luck with the sale :)