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    PSN hackers DEFINITELY have CC info (or at LEAST were able to rack up high PSN charges)

    lol this gaming generation I'm with the people that feel like they have to deal with more intrusions, more EULAs, more expensive systems and accessories, more of those expensive systems breaking, more glitches, more updates to fix those glitches, more intrusive copy protection, less complete...
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    Fighter meet in Nor Cal

    BTW BIGTIME your PM box is full.
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    Ridge Racer Unbounded announced

    In all honesty that's the biggest thing I'm worried about. I myself would probably buy the game even with the change of direction if they A) had the same fantastic music as in 7 and B) the game was just as fun as Burnout. I'd be totally down for that. Probably not going to happen with this...
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    I have free Dead space ignition codes

    Thanks again man!
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    Ridge Racer Unbounded announced

    Not sure if there's another thread about this somewhere, but I thought I would let people know there's a new Ridge Racer in the works. This has to be one of my favorite series of all time, but it looks like they are changing the game up this iteration to make it more like Burnout. Also it's...
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    Happy Birthday to: butta, alec and OrochiEddie

    Happy Birthday guys!
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    KoF Producer Leaves SNKP and President Wants to Shut Down Video Game Division

    Honestly it would've been sad to see SNKP go. Yeah they're not the same, but there have been a few ok games from them. I think they should probably do new low budget DLC games for consoles. That way if a game fails it wouldn't be as huge of a loss for them as say KOF XII was.
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    1/13/11...The day Skynet went live and doomed us all.

    I'm not surprised at all. If the database was big enough and the voice software good enough, then I would expect Watson to ring in first and get the answers correct eveery time just like a calculator will always do math quicker than any person could.
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    Totally agree. I am a extremely casual fighting game player, but after throwing in 6 for some online battles after not playing it online for a long time, I noticed the competition was crazy. Combos like in those videos are totally commonplace now. Even though I'm a casual player I wasn't too...
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    Muchi Muchi Pork and Pink Sweets ::: 2.24.11

    Question if anybody happens to know this; can you send in a RROD American system and ask for a Japanese one? My buddy may be able to snag a free RROD system for himself, and I remeber that Hentai Sama just put a note in the "coffin" requesting a Japanese system. So I'm wondering if they...
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    Do you ever feel like condensing your gaming collection/purchases?

    Yeah I've actually condensed my gaming collection. I will probably even tone it down further. I don't play all that much, and for the most part I've lost a lot of interest in the hobby. I only buy games from some of my favorite franchises so I can play them if I feel like it. I sold my old...
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    PS3 Backwards compatibility external device

    This is really great news. I had a 60gig system, but it got the YLOD and instead of fixing it through Sony, I sold the broken system and got a 120gig slim. I missed the BC of the 60gig, but it looks like they might come out with a EE chip in a USB stick. I always thought they should do...
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    For the Electric Guitar Players

    I like the feel of D'Addario 11s, but I do B tuning (tuned like a 7 string without the high E string). They are nice and slinky and feel great to start with, but I think they wear out and break too easily. I've been playing those for a while now, but maybe I'll try to find something that lasts...
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    9/9/1995 Playstation!

    Ah the PS1, the console that made people switch from being Nintendo to Sony fanboys, myself included. Unlike most people though, I thought the 3-D graphics were a step back from the good 2D games that the SNES had like Castlevania 4, but when it came to fighting games that's where I thought the...
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    Starcraft 2 - Has arrived!

    Same thing, I'm sticking with SC1. I'm more pissed about the Internet connection required thing. I hate all of this DRM. I thought Blizzard would stay away from anything more than a CD key, but I guess Spore and C&C didn't teach them a lesson. Anyways it's funny to see all the 1 star reviews...