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    iPad 2 AT&T 64GB version fs

    I've got a 64 GB iPad 2 for sale. It's the AT&T version, so you can get 3G...comes with the iPad, box, charger, camera kit, back case, iVisor AG screen protector, and I can probably come up with a car charger if you want one. Looking for $400, Paypal only, and I do have pictures that I'll get...
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    Verizon Galaxy Nexus and Droid Charge for sale

    I have two phones for sale: Verizon Galaxy Nexus - this is the 32GB version, perfect shape, unlocked and rooted. It's currently running Cyanogenmod 10.1, but I'll put whatver you want on there. Also comes with two extended batteries (the 2100 mah Samsung one and the 3200 mah Seido one), a...
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    iPhone 4 32GB for Verizon FS

    I have a 32GB Verizon iPhone 4 for sale. I recently upgraded to the 5 and no longer need my trusty's in good shape with a few minor screen scratches. They are not noticeable with the screen protector on and I'm pretty anal about that kind of stuff. I've also put an old school looking...
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    FS: madcatz te street fighter 4 stick $80 shippped

    Trying to do this one kind of quickly...I've got a Madcatz SFIV stick for the 360 I'd like to sell...$80 shipped in the US, Paypal gift only. Pics available on request.
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    Someone tried to hack my account here

    Just got a message that I "requested" to have my password changed. Anyone else?
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    iPad 32GB Wi-Fi + 3G FS PICS!

    I have a 3G iPad for sale. 32GB, perfect shape, and I'll throw in an Otter Box and Feather Shell case for it. It also has the box and charger, of course. I upgraded to the iPad 2 and no longer need this one. I'm looking for $400 shipped in the US via Paypal. I'll get pics up later, but...
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    GP2X Wiz for sale SOLD!

    I have a GP2X Wiz for sale, near perfect shape, with box, stylus, cable and two 16GB SD cards full of games, emulators, etc. I'll throw in a USB charger also. I'm looking for $120 or best offer, Paypal only. Send me a PM if interested.
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    FS: Nintendo 3DS

    I have a black Nintendo 3DS's practically brand new, only had it for a few weeks, but there's nothing to play on it other than SFIV...$200 shipped and I'll throw in SFIV. Paypal only.
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    HTC Droid Incredible FS

    I have a minty Droid Incredible for box, but it has a charger, screen protector, case, and clean ESN. Pics available on request. It's running stock HTC Sense Android 2.2, but I can root it and put Cyanogenmod or whatever you'd like on it. This was my dad's phone, but he didn't like...
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    Windows Phone 7 games

    Anyone using a Windows Phone 7? I just got an LG Quantum, and there's a ton of good stuff. Twin Blades is pretty cool, and OMG is excellent.
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    Anyone have a Nexus One?

    Looking for an AT&T version of the Nexus One. Anyone have one?
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    Install forumrunner

    Forumrunner is free and and it would let those of us with iOS devices to view the forums much easier. Supposedly, it only takes five minutes to install, but I really have no idea if it's THAT easy...I think it's just a vBulletin extension though, so it should be fairly easy. It cam be found at...
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    iPod nano or Sansa Clip+

    So, I need a new MP3 player for walking my dogs and mowing the lawn. Also, I like to use it in my car instead of the iPhone for playing music through my car stereo. I'm torn between these two...the Sansa at first seems like a no brainer, because it's cheaper has expandable memory, supports more...
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    Sonic 4 is really, really good.

    Just d/led Sonic 4 for iPhone and it's excellent. Fast, old school Sonic, no stupid stuff and great control. Feels like the old Sonic, but with polygonal graphics. Nice surprise here. A Sonic game that doesn't suck!