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    SOTM June 2022: Gunbird

    Mobile Light Force took out the cutscenes and tate mode, but otherwise should be the same game. Not in the first Gunbird. Just kill 'em all.
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    Is this the best hardware ever for shmups?

    Friendly reminder that M2 includes Teki Paki as a freebee with their recent ShotTriggers games. They have a home port working with this hardware already, so have no excuse to to get around to the rest of these games someday. :smirk:
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    Evercade thread

    I don't think Evercade games are coded to recognize analog inputs at all. There are lots of usb thumbpads and joysticks that work just fine on a VS console (though analog sticks either convert to digital or do nothing), but usb spinners/trackballs/mouse don't do anything. Compatibility list...
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    MISTer FPGA?

    Since the PS1 core got added to Update_All I gave it another look. I'm not having any music issues in Castlevania Chronicles now.
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    Atari VCS

    Atari Vault drops to 4-5 bucks during Steam sales multiple times a year. That's enough for my Atari Nostalgia.
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    I feel like anyone in Europe is morally obligated to hack a 360 with Raiden Fighters Aces, after the game kept getting pushed back and just failed to release time after time in an endless cycle of death. :lolz:
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    Evercade thread

    New arcade carts for July: Jaleco Arcade 1 (all arcade versions) Rod Land The Astyanax Saint Dragon 64th Street: A Detective Story E.D.F. Earth Defence Force Avenging Spirit CyBattler P-47...
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    SOTM May 2022 vote thread

    Honestly I find Jet to be far less strict about stage 1 mastery than the first two games, at least for the initial medaling step. You no longer need to muck about with managing three separate trees, or making sure there's never more than 1 medal on-screen at a time to increase the value. In...
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    Evercade thread

    Related to secret games on the VS, the most recent update added a free game of the month (currently Tapeworm Disco Puzzle). Update to the most recent firmware to get it.
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    How long/soon into the future before we start seeing 3,4,5 commercials before a YouTube video

    Doesn't xbox use the Edge browser now? There's an Edge addon for ublock.
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    Evercade thread

    Some important things to know: The Namco carts (Namco Collection 1 and 2) only work on the handheld. They do not work on the Vs Console. Supposedly this is due to licensing reasons. There are hacks to get around this if you search the net, but I haven't tried them and can't verify. The full...
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    MISTer FPGA? Shows ps1 as work in progress, not ready for bug reports yet. When the time comes, bugs can be reported under the "issues" tab at the top of that page.
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    SOTM April 2022: Sonic Wings Special & Limited

    This is an interesting game to dig into. Some planes have an alt-fire mode; try holding shot (with no autofire) and see if something different happens. A few even have an alt-bomb input command, such as :down::up::up::B:. Weird stuff.
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    SOTM April 2022 Poll

    Scoring works differently as well. Special uses the usual catching medals higher on the screen for more points. In Limited, you get more points the longer an item lingers on the screen.
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    Layer Section Coming to Modern Consoles

    There's a stage-1 demo on the Japanese storefront, so everyone can take a look and judge for themselves.