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    Prices include shipping, discount for multiple carts, please pay as gift or add 4% for PayPal fees Spin Master / 85 Super Sidekicks 3 / 33 KOF 95 / 48 KOF 96 / 38 Aerofighters 2 / 65 KOF 97 / 48 Last Blade 2 / 145>130 *SOLD* Strikers / 120 *SOLD* Top Hunter / 120 *SOLD* Windjammers (repro...
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    Cave Shooting Collection Superu Bunduru

    Up for grabs is a complete set of Cave Shooting Collection for Xbox 360. Codes were not used (from what I recall, some games still sealed). Includes the bonus DVD thing that doesn’t fit inside the box (sealed) Also included is DDP Saidaiojou, brand new. Also included is a Japanese Xbox 360...
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    Astro City Candy Cab, Espgaluda NOS kit, 29 inch CRTs

    Asking $1000 for Astro City, monitor recapped in past 3 years. 2 player, 3 button panel, repro marquee. Little to no screen burn, nanao monitor. $1200 for NOS Espgaluda Kit (dunno what it’s worth but I figure it’s a starting point) All monitors have some color issues, probably a recap needed...
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    $600 - Maximum Tune 3 Cabinet NORCAL

    First off, sorry for posting a new thread. I can't edit the old one. Asking only $600, any lower than that, I'd be better off parting it out. Located in Fairfield, CA. PIC is attached. Need to move this asap. This was part of a bundle, but buyer does not have space for this cab. This low price...
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    -Zelda Twilight Princess (Complete/Black Label/Stickers on cover but you can swap out the case) -Zelda Windwaker (Complete/Yellow Label) -Donkey Konga (boxed, with drum) -Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (boxed/with drum) -Star Wars Rogue Leader (Complete but has a repro insert, hard to tell) -Super...
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    Sega Genesis Papi Commando Llimited Edition

    I have a Papi Commando "Bits Limited" edition for sale. Asking $75, price includes shipping to anywhere in the US, paypal gift or add 4% Game is still new, never bothered to hook up my genesis and play it. Thanks for looking
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    MVS Carts FS - Blazing Star & MOTW

    Shipping not included, pay as gift or add 4%, buy more to save on shipping Blazing Star black holo - $220>210 Mark of the Wolves neon green JP - $210>200 KOF 2003 w/non-matching kit box, no arts USA - $120 > SOLD $150 (EBAY) Metal Slug X clear green and holo USA - $70 > SOLD $85 (EBAY) Metal...
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    NORCAL: Astro City and Max Tune 3

    UPDATE: Now $1700 for both cabs. Here is the deal, I have a bunch of games and parts in my garage I need to move to make room. Here is what I got: -Maximum Tune 3 cab -3 29inch CRT's (1 working recapped, 1 working needs recep, 1 only displays 1 color) -Astro City (comes with repro top marquee...
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    Will get pics for this soon, but for now here are the details: $150 (plus actual shipping cost). Boxed SNES, mario world version, complete system, game, controllers, box, baggies, and paperwork. However, one small issue: the system has a graphical error (vertical lines), might be an easy fix...
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    PRICE DROPS: Cab, monitors, NAOMI Kit, CPS2, Neo Geo

    Here is what I have for sale: *Maximum Tune 3 Cabinet (USA)- $1100 - Nice clean monitor with no burn in, will include some extra spare parts *29" CRT - $130 EACH - 2 are from Initial D cab (burn in), 1 is a wells gardner flat (light burn in), all have color issues, but you get an image, recap...
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    Finally got my NeoSD set up. Been sitting on the cart for about 3 months lol NEO GEO MVS (shipping not included): Metal Slug 2 (repro label) - $50 Puzzle Bobble (legit/white shell) - $50 Fatal Fury 3 (JP label) - $50 Fatal Fury - $35 Metal Slug - $60 Metal Slug X - $65 Paypal gift or add 4%...
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    MORE 29" CRTs for SALE - NORCAL

    Hello all here are 3 29" CRT for SALE for $150 EACH: x2 - 29" Curved CRT from Initial D3 Cab x1 - 29" Flat CRT Wells Gardner w/ Digital Menu Details: Wells Gardner CRT has only color Blue, not sure how to fix. I believe you need to simply reflash one of the IC chips on the chassis. (Based on...
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    Metal Slug Collectors Edition PC

    Asking 15 shipped. It's basically just the roms, probably runs on mame or similar emulator. Official product released by MEGA/SNK Playmore Korea.
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    Toshiba PF Monitor Issues

    Hello all, I got hold of a Maximum Tune 3DX cab, comes with a Toshiba PF (supposed to be the best), but of course it has an issue of some sort. Every once in a while, while playing a game, the screen will suddenly go black, the game will continue to play without image, you can hear it and...
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    FREE (Sorta) Wii Cases

    I have a bunch of wii cases sitting around. It's over 20, maybe up to 28. They are all mostly official nintendo cases, most do not have covers and art, but a few do. All I am asking is that you pay for shipping + handling (i.e. time and going to post office, I'll leave that amount up to the...