Astro City Candy Cab, Espgaluda NOS kit, 29 inch CRTs


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Dec 10, 2012
Asking $1000 for Astro City, monitor recapped in past 3 years. 2 player, 3 button panel, repro marquee. Little to no screen burn, nanao monitor.

$1200 for NOS Espgaluda Kit (dunno what it’s worth but I figure it’s a starting point)

All monitors have some color issues, probably a recap needed. Asking $100 for each one. Come and get them, located in Fairfield, CA.

Would be willing to let the monitors go for free (I need space), sans the chassis. If you buy the Astro you can also take them complete for free

Also, buy the lot of 3 monitors for $200.

Sanwa monitors pulled from initial d 3 cab, Wells Gardner pulled from max tune 3 (probably not the original)
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Jul 8, 2012
I can offer $2 shipped to Canada. With baby coming in a matter of weeks that's about all I can justify. If you have a Christmas heart, I'll graciously receive your gift of 2x 29" CRTs for CAD$2.00 (S&H included).