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    Happy Birthday radiantsvgun

    Happy belated Birthday!
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    Happy birthday pixeljunkie, loopyeddie and Galford Forever

    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday and Happy Birthday!
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    SoCal Gaming @droids Saturday Dec 27, 2014 5pm - midnight

    Happy to see you back! Would love to meet up for another get together.
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    Happy Birthday ggallegos1

    Happy Birthday!
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    Happy Birthday skate323k137

    Happy Birthday SKATE!
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    GG Isuka on Dreamacast - even cooler - 2/24

    I've had the AW carts of Maximum Speed and Faster than Speed, for years, but never could track down a cabinet setup to play them in.
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    Vacation in a Pandemic, the thread.

    Camping if you're looking to avoid possible COVID infection. Florida if you don't care and want to vacation with less COVID restrictions.
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    Happy Birthday Geddon_jt

    Happy Birthday Geddon!
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    Do you just buy things and never utilize them?

    I'm guilty of impulse buying shit all the time. Some of it never leaves the box it was shipped in. :(
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    Got one, thread no longer needed

    Sent you a PM. I've got an extra one slot board.
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    FS: CPS2 boards MVC and D&D SOM A&B boards

    MVC CPS2 A&B board. Green board phoenixed to USA region. USA A board. Both working perfectly. $200 and shipping. (MVC sold on another forum) CPS2 gray Asian A&B board set. D&D SOM. On battery. Changed 2015. Cracks on the left side of the b board case, as pictured. $300 and shipping. (SOLD) >>>...
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    WTB CPS2 Games

    Sent you a PM re the MVC CPS2 board set
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    My long overdue Capcom Impress Restore Project

    That's a true labor of love. Can't believe how well it turned out after looking at those initial photos of it sitting in the recycle yard.
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    I'll take one. Have an X2 motherboard ready. :)