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    Memory Card Issue

    Hi all, I have been needing a new memory card since my current official card's battery is dead. I wanted to buy the Neo Save Masta, but it seems to be out of stock for a while, so I went on Stone Age Gamer and purchased the JGo memory card. However, when I insert it into my console, it does...
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    SSDS3 Revision A- Should I sell or Modify?

    Hi all, So I want to get my SSDS3 modified with the FBX and FU-RGB boards. It will cost me around $100 with the shipping to a modder. I was thinking at that price should I simply buy a new, Revision B board ($250 with shipping), and then sell my current board for $150-200? Or how much is it...
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    Finally Joined

    Hello, I've been visiting these forums here and there for a while back. I have been playing SNK games for a long time, but usually through emulation especially on the PS2. I used to enjoy playing this MVS cabinet at a spot near my house all the time, then it disappeared earlier this year...
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    Best Way to go about the RGB Bypass

    Hi all, New here, but wanted to start off by saying I've spent many hours researching this topic before making this thread. That being said: I purchased a Neo Geo 3-6 last time I was in Japan. I finally had some time to mess with it this week and noticed this horribly ugly checkerboard pattern...