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    Got laid off...less than a month before xmas

    Thats fucked but hopefully you'll look back at this bullshit and be grateful cuz you found better.
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    The King Of Fighters XV (2020)

    Did you even watch that trailer?
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    Nightmare in the Dark

    Well the ASP, NGmini and MVSX all have this issue. So going to try out the patch.
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    Nightmare in the Dark

    Is this an emulation issue or even actual hardware?
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    MVG look at the neo-geo

    holy fuck MVG = Lantus360?
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    Fatal Fury/Garou Game will be a ‘Very Big Release’ for SNK; Will Focus on Single-Player

    Bunch of salty cunts wishing to dust off their 30year old hardware - fuck off. SNK is trying to make some money and stay relevant. Even when NEOGEO was NEOGEO, most people didn't know wtf a NEOGEO was. I couldn't stand having to explain it to the majority. Say Pacman and see what happens. every...
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    What was your first car?

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    Finally deleted my Photobucket account

    I just labeled their emails as SPAM - and fuck them - let em deal with the photos.
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    Good bye VBulletin -> Hello XenForo

    its a lot easier to add video links, images, etc. so thats a +
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    King Kong vs Godzilla.

    Is there an APP on PS4? and does it play 4K?
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    What 1 Game NEEDS a Port?

    Gunforce 2
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    MVS X Multi Video System

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    MVS X Multi Video System

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    MVS X Multi Video System