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    Real Bout Fatal Fury Special (MVS) for sale (or trade)

    So, I worked out a sale for Sengoku 3 and Last Blade 2 here. But, when I got the games, he had put in RBFFS instead of Last Blade 2. >.> Now, I doubt it was intentional...but, I haven't been able to get a hold of him since. (He hasn't logged in since 8/1.) I *really* want to get this...
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    WTB a handful of MVS games!

    Looking to finish up my collection of "must haves". Kits would be preferred, but, loose carts are also fine. Really only looking for US carts! Wants Art of Fighting 3 (Low Want) Garou: Mark of the Wolves Last Blade 2 (High Want) Ninja Masters Sengoku 3 (High Want) Super Dodge Ball The Ultimate...
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    Waku Waku 7 Cart

    Just got this in, and it doesn't look like the pictures on MVS Scans. Here's the pics: Board 1 Board 2...
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    My League Bowling MVS Cart

    So, I bid (and won) a cart-only League Bowling on eBay ($27). I didn't do my homework until *after* got the cart. I opened it up to find what look like official boards (compared on mvs-scans), but, the label is fake and the shell doesn't have an opening for the link capability. So, I'm...
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    WTB: (Preferably Neo) Candy Cab.

    I finally have a decent MVS lot built up. Sometime down the road, I definitely want to get a Big Red. For now, I really only have the space for a candy cab. Would definitely prefer a Neo candy cab. Could be located nearly anywhere in Illinois. I'm located in Central Illinois myself. Would...
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    Couple questions about adding "D" buttons

    So, I'll say this up front: I've never worked on an arcade machine before. I have a vast knowledge of PC's and the like, so I know what not to touch (the monitor). I also shouldn't have any trouble with wiring, but, it's *how* to do the wiring that I'm unsure of. So, I've got an old cab that...
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    Bust-A-Move Again (holo label) for sale!

    It's the (original) cart only. Works great. Does have some slide-in/slide-out marks, like most games. (Can provide more pics, if needed.) I'm not the biggest fan of puzzle games myself, and, I've played the series to death. I'd be interested in cash (PayPal), or, trade. My want list is here.
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    I want some MVS kits!

    Very new to the Neo Geo scene. Got myself a 1-slot cab with a few games, and now, I'm hooked! I've made a list of games I'm after. I've got PayPal. Full kits would be preferred, but, I would also consider cart only games (especially if a full kit is extremely expensive). I want US titles...