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    I demand a new custom title

    Ha. Well, well, well…..
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    Taito Type X/X+/X2/X3 owners club

    I have multiple X2s. These things are remarkably un-complicated and as mentioned… they’re consumer-grade PCs. Don’t be terribly surprised if these get the Pandora’s box treatment fairly soon with a low end / USFF board that gets dropped into a cab. The only limitation on that right now is...
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    Southeast PA, November 13, 2021

    I got this near mint MH cab with new monitor for less than what people pay for arcade 1ups. Crazy. Will have you all over soon to go 4 player.
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    *UPDATED* NeoGeo proto screenshots

    I came here to say: “I own several protos and you do not. You should let the haves discuss this until you have actually owned one, common filth.”
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    Southeast PA, November 13, 2021

    Glad I could make it out, was good to see some of you after staring at the walls (and your posts) for the last 18+ months.
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    Southeast PA, November 13, 2021

    2pm. Should’ve looked at title. Will try to swing on through in a few hours.
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    Southeast PA, November 13, 2021

    When does this start?
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    Too Many Games, June 26-28, 2020, Oaks, PA

    What's up with YOU?
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    Bill Burger AGAIN -- gameboardsoc1234

    Even better: He told me he won't replace the motherboard because he doesn't have any to replace it with. Completely forgetting that you can go to his ebay store and see a bunch of them for sale. I even offered to PAY for one of them if he would just accept the broken one I received as a...
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    Bill Burger AGAIN -- gameboardsoc1234

    Well, it took a bunch of years.. I have defended him here many times because he is a good deal on boards when you get them working. He's not going to be friendly but you'll get a good deal. Well, he finally put one in me. Bill sent me a very expensive boardset wrapped in about 4 sheets of...
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    FOUND: Candy near Ohio

    Just give up on monitors. I know it's blasphemous at this point to say that but you're getting to the beginning of the end for monitors. You can waste mountains of cash on this shit or just get a 32'' lcd w/ upscaler and do a little work yourself. I'm an original hardware collector as hard as...
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    Dune trailer

    I've read the books. I have seen the previous media. I have played the RTS's to death. Love Dune. I like the trailer and the style. Don't love it. I think Dune is unfilmable because the scope and lore just don't work on film. By today's film standards, the first book is 9 movies and 3...
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    Dune trailer

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    Dune trailer

    Brutalist. It needs to be brutalist and hard noir.