King of Fighter '95 Review

King of Fighter '95 Review


US Title:King of Fighters '95
Japanese Title:King of Fighters '95
Size:250 Megs
Home Release?Yes
MVS Release?Yes
CD Release?Yes

Ok let me start off by saying that this KOF is the worst in the series. It's not a bad game but it just doesn't live up to the rest. I realize the time at which it was made but seriously it isn't that big of an improvement over 94. Sure you could edit your teams but that’s about it. The sports team is missing but a new one is added so basically you subtract a team add a team.

Story 6/10
Not much improvement over 94. Again Rugal is back for some reason he didn't die but I guess he's a cool boss.

Gameplay 2/10
Ok take any other fighting game and set the difficulty to max and you would experience what it's like to play kof95. This is where many people will be ticked off. The AI even set on moderate is horrendous. It’s not smart but cheap. The AI hit me with a strong punch and it took away half my life bar. What's up with that? I realize and understand the damage system and how if you charge up your POW meter you inflict more damage. Then how come when my POW bar was full I didn't? This game could have been way better if SNK had made the AI a little easier and didn't make the POW meter a cheap way for the CPU to win. Where did SNK get the idea that a good game is a hard game.


Graphics 8/10
Pretty good for the time it was produced and the backgrounds are very detailed and well drawn. Little details like cameo appearances by previous fighters is a nice touch and gives the game a plus.

Replay value 5/10
Again the AI is unforgiving. Don't expect to master this game unless you plan on dedicating all your video game hours to it. Characters like Kim Kapwan are just not fun to play against in this version. Every time you jump attack he will immediately do a super and kick you out of the air. This makes jump attacking impossible. The insane difficulty does give you sort of a challenge but when you discover the AI uses cheap tactics and can pull off super moves with out even charging you lose all sense of any sort of fun.

Control 8/10
The control does feel quite solid and does make it easy to maneuver your character around the screen.

Overall 58 %
Overall this game is average at best. The only thing that seems to really hurt it is the cheap AI. 94 is way better than this version and 96 just blew it away. If you see it in an arcade and feel like wasting a quarter try it out but I guarantee you that unless the joystick and buttons are in perfect shape, you have lightning fast reflexes, and have memorized all the special moves, you won't even get half way through the game.
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