King of Fighter '98 Review

King of Fighter '98 Review


US Title:King of Fighters '98
Japanese Title:King of Fighters '98
Size:683 Megs
Home Release?Yes
MVS Release?Yes
CD Release?Yes

Graphics: 8Sound: 8.25
Gameplay: 9Overall: 8

"Welcome to our new member of NEO-society!!! Although he is coming from another fighters tournament, called "(The Guilty Gear deadly Challenge)" and champion of this tournament defeating the mighty Justice, he is enjoying, as we hope you do, to be now involved in this fabulous society!!!!

So, welcome our new, exciting, beautiful, strong member and fighter:

Here cooooommmes SOL BADGUY!!!!!!!!" (Overwhelming applause and friendly, loud shouts from the ring audience)

Review by Sol Badguy

King of Fighters '98 Dream Match never ends (jap)
The Slugfest (us), (Dream Match 1999, DC)


I got into the King of Fighters Fan circle in the arcade (or if you can call so these big rooms in my country, but I wouldn't) In that period, I played only very occasionally, and before I just knew those little synthesizer sound samples (in that year (98) the last time I had played anything was 10 years ago! So I had to start from scratch again)

SOUND: 8.25/10

What first got me was the astounding sound. As I know now the sound is many recycled pieces of it's predecessors but the sound better this time (I really can say that, I played since then all KOF's) Only a few are really new. I like especially the rock- or heavy metal-styled themes. So, sound is better than on it's predecessors, but it could be something completely new. (I wonder if the SNK musicians have had a 3-year holiday). I don't want to say that this game has bad sound. NO, NO, NO!! I just say that they could have made new themes for each character and stage!!


Graphics: 8/10:

The graphics are astonishing as well as sound, but the sprites SNK used here are the same as in KOF 94 or 95!!! I enjoy the fact that I can play now all the characters from the previous KOF-Titles (This episode however takes place besides the storyline of the original KOF-Series), so I can surely say that this is an "all against all" game. Also the backgrounds are recycled from the previous KOF's. Even here something really new would have been better (in my opinion that is). The characters and their moves are made up perfectly but you have seen them all before. (Remember this is the 5th KOF installment). The selection screen is also in need to some improvement as I would liked to see here the chars pictures bigger, so I could tell exactly who is who.

Gameplay: 9/10

There is a tougher, better game-engine than in the previous episodes. The playability of this title is far better than those of the even rivaling series like Street Fighter (Hear that Capcom?) Moves and Combos can pe put off in a good manner of way, not too easy nor too though. That's why I like this title because it makes you want to train yourself to reach a certain skill. The character lineup leaves also big room (almost too big) for choice. This title is also not so "intolerant" for first time players as many fans say about SNK-Games. But I can say that against a seasoned vet I have had trained a big lot, if I want to have a good chance. And some characters are really only for experts and professionals.


Overall: 8/10

This title is a good one to pick up. It's size (683 Mbits) was also one of the biggest, till Garou (688) and Metal Slug 3 (708) came out. And this size assures you of one of the most intense fighting experience you ever had. But again, here could have something really new done better.

Differences to Port:


Well, first the port is the same game as on Neo. No animations cut out, just another experience because of the diffrent controller. Second, the Animé-Intro would also have been a great thing on the arcade machines and the NEO! You see first Kyo training at sundown and then with Iori fighting in a back street. In the cuts they introduce the other chars as Leona, Siou Kensou, Mai, Chin Gensai and others. This intro is very well drawn and designed. Other differences: Hmm, I may have not watched too closely (I played this port always in the late evening), but you can make another Review of this title, I really want to know how others think about this title.
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