King of Fighter '98 Review

King of Fighter '98 Review


US Title:King of Fighters '98
Japanese Title:King of Fighters '98
Size:683 Megs
Home Release?Yes
MVS Release?Yes
CD Release?Yes

Well.. I never really liked anything about KOF. People kept babbling about it, and I simply kept ignoring it while I played my LB. Well, as it turns out, I sold my precious LB. Why? I do not know. The one thing I did know was that I had some extra cash that was DEFINITELY going towards some Neo-Geo goodness. I got offered an awesome deal for a New US KOF 98 and I took the offer. I hoped that I would not regret it, well today, I got that golden cart.. let me tell you of my experiences-

Graphics- 9/10 (Insane)

These are an excellent example of the Neo-Geo's ability's. I cannot not drop my mouth when I see these smooth, clear, and fluent graphics. The characters just look SOOOO beautiful. You can see every part of them clearly! The backgrounds are nice, with all kinds of shit going on in them. Like the 3rd round of the train stage, the train almost runs ya over! (Hm.. Strangely whenever you got to a USA stage, the backgrounds are with broken cars, punks, and its really dirty. Maybe this game should be called King of Fighters 45'.) Excellent graphics.


Sound- 7/10 (Weena)

Weena... what does that mean you ask? WELL. When you keep getting your ass kicked, you get really pissed. And hearing that FUCKING awful voice (high-pitched, and really annoying) say Weena or Gom Ova (Translation- Winner and Game Over), makes you want to shoot your TV with a shotgun and rip all of the sound components out of your Neo-Geo. It just adds to your rage. Anyway, the music keeps the game alive, but you would be shot in a bad neighborhood if this was playing in your car. Its nice, but not great alone. The voices and grunts are AWESOME in this game. Whenever you get hit or burnt, a nice SMACK sound fills the air. The sound is good, except for that goddamn WEENA Bitch.


Control-10/10 (awesome)

Perfect in everyway. You can pull off moves with much ease. The KOF 98' cart seems to be a Ram cart or something that enhances your Neo-Geo controller. I think this is definitely a major part of the game. Its some of the best control I've seen in years.

Overall-9.6/10 (Excellent)

If your a fighter fan, or even just a Neo-Geo fan, this is a must have. It can be bought for About $160 on the AES, about $80 on the MVS, and about $40 on the CD. (Warning: CD version SUCKS ASS) Don't say, "Oh, I hate KOF games" Because so do I! I just love this one. I think the others suck, though I haven't tried 2000. Buy it, you wont regret. Also, its nice for a collection!
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