King of Fighter '99 Review

King of Fighter '99 Review


US Title:King of Fighters '99
Japanese Title:King of Fighters '99
Size:673 Megs
Home Release?Yes
MVS Release?Yes
CD Release?Yes

Graphics: 9Sound: 9
Gameplay: 10Overall: 10

KOF'99 brings many refreshing changes to the long series of KOF titles, Keeping the series fresh. The most notable change are the Striker matches. This fourth player on your squad assists your fighters in various ways depending on the character you designate to be your striker. Next up is the battle system. The system is similar to the Advanced mode of KOF 97/98, except SDM's can only be executed when low on power vice entering MAX mode. Third are Armor and Counter modes. These modes, which require a maxed out POW bar to perform, Give your character a temporary boost in offensive and defensive power, respectively.


New Characters are a mixed lot. K' and Maxima, The new main characters of the KOF series. are some of the best designed and IMO two of the best in the game. Jhun and Whip are both in the So-So category, not bad but not great, but Xiangfei and Bao are both atrocious. Who let these kids in?


Graphics-9, Everyone must know by now about the rain stage, it is a beauty. As is the sewer. I am also a fan of the laser firing off in Krizalid's stage. Some of the best BG to be associated with KOF. However, I have to dock a point for the Museum stage.

Sound-9, Some ear-pleasing material can be found right here, especially the Hero Team's, Ikari team's, the Kyo clones (a beefier version of Kyo's 96 BGM), Kyo's, and Iori's (God, it rocks.) Krizalid also has the best boss music since Goenitz. The other 5 range from alright to just plain mediocre, Hence no perfection.


Gameplay-10, It's sweet. I don't care if Iori doesn't go ballistic on his Ya Otome SDM anymore. Controls just as good as '97. It's a beautiful thing.

Overall-10, with that said, this game is right there with '97. The new NESTS story really opens a lot of stuff in this series (clones of Jeff Bogard or Iori's dad, anyone?). The only way this game could have been better is if that rock did crush Athena & Kensou in the PS team ending.
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