Metal Slug 2 Review

Metal Slug 2 Review


US Title:Metal Slug 2
Japanese Title:Metal Slug 2
Size:362 Megs
Home Release?Yes
MVS Release?Yes
CD Release?Yes

Metal Slug 2 review from Noise 320ia

First, the truth:
Many people have said that this game has lots of slowdown and I agree. However, slowdown or not, it can't touch the incredible gameplay -and when you play t his 30 minutes you don't care. I think slowdown makes game a bit easier than Metal Slug 1 and I love this game more than any other Neo game at this time.


Just incredible. Animation, color palettes, backgrounds and bosses show the graphical capacities of the Neo at full storm. There's much more variety and detail than than in Slug 1 -I especially love the animation on the player characters (4 of them here vs. 2 in Slug 1) as well as the enemy soldiers. You won't be disappointed by the graphical quality at all.


Doubly better than Slug 1, which had just above-average music (although it suited a game very well). The 2nd level tops my list of top music from the game. Heck, all 3 first levels have really amazing music with 4 and 5 coming in close (they could've been a bit better). The sound effects are almost same than 1st game which makes them excellent already. Over all, the sound in Slug 2 are huge leap over Slug 1.


Its the same incredible level as as the original. There are more vehicles (like airplanes and camels) adding more variety to the game. You can choose 4 different characters ( 2 men, 2 women ) and although its only a visual difference, its still very cool to have the new female characters. Maybe I play this game a bit different way than some players, but I like to beat the high scores without continues (MVS level 4 difficulty). My best so far is 2188600 (no applause please!). The trick to getting a big bonus is saving all or almost all hostages in stage without dying and safely bringing a Slug vehicle to end of the level. In short, gameplay cannot be much better than this game.


Misc "again ?"

I neither own nor have played Metal Slug X or 3, so I cant compare this game to those.

What I've heard, X corrects slowdown, but I don't care it in this game. Its only minor thing that you notice 1st half on hour only. If you cannot choose between slug 1 or 2, I recommend 2, because its bigger, badder, better and cheaper too (AES systems). I don't care what other players say at this game, but I love it.

P.S. If you hate slowdown, don't buy this game. People are a different and if you want perfect game, this isn't one. I hated slowdown too, but Metal Slug 2 just taught something to me new about games...

Graphics: Full 10
Sound: 9
Playability: 10
Replayability: 10 (and its true)
Overall: 10 !!!

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