Metal Slug 4 Review

Metal Slug 4 Review

US Title:Metal Slug 4
Japanese Title:Metal Slug 4
Size:576 Megs
Home Release?Yes
MVS Release?Yes
CD Release?No

Another Yung Burnout review (oh joy )

Some quick info: This is the fifth in the series and the first to be done by an outside developer called Mega Enterprise( Metal Slug 5 is TBA as of this writing ), this game has also divided the MS/Neo faithful in two separate camps of those who love it and those who think of it as a huge let down to the series. If you've played the first Metal Slug you know what a fun ride that was and if you've also gone through the last three you know those lived up to the hype as well, but what about Metal Slug 4 does it fill those lovely 2d shoes too?? Well that's what you're just gonna have to read this review for buddy!!

In Game 2

"And what are YOU looking at??"​

Mug shots: For MS4 they've decided to go with half of a new cast, by that I mean Tarma and Eri ( why!?!?!? ) are gone and replaced by Trevor and Nadia( the same name of my ex... ). Eri and Tarma are still around but they received the background treatment while the newbies get some action time. It would have been nice if you could have picked all six like other reviews of this fine game have mentioned but then I think Eolith/Sun/Mega are trying to push Trev and Nadia so that is why two of the vets had to go.


"Oh, the humanity of it all!!!"​

Slugs of yore: As like the Slugs in the past you gain power-ups through rescuing the blonde hair and bearded POW's. The staple weapons are still here ( you know the Shotgun, Laser, H. Machine Gun, etc... ), gone from 3 are the Rain Cloud, Satellite, and unfortunately everyone's fav lil monkey friend with the uzi. You still have the normal type of bombs from the previous games with the exception of Stone which hasn't been seen since MSX. There are very few new weapons so next to using the Shotgun and laser, the twin uzi's are my guns of choice for mowing down those soldier grunts. But you may now be asking,
"What about the slugs Burnout?", Well that is where MS4 comes up short I'm sorry to say. If you liked the Marine, Flyer, Drill, Ostrich, Camel, Chopper, and Gold Metal Slug you are S.O.L. because they are gone. But the O.G. slugs are still here as well as forklift type vehicle and what appears to be a robot type thingie (sorry but I have no idea what it is ). If you do not like those you can however feel free to help yourself to commandeering one of the enemies vehicles, I mean it's not like they where really going to put it to good use if you know what I mean.


"You %^*#!@ flamer"​

Monkey Man!!: In this installment we are treated to the very amusing and fun "Monkey Mode", if you remember and liked the "Big Mode" in MS3 sorry to be the bearer of bad news again but it's so gone. I love the addition of the monkey mode since you can pull off some nice slick little combo kills with it but it doesn't show up enough for my tastes unfortunately.


"You sunk my battleship!"​

Duck & Run: "The beginning is the end and the end is the beginning", what I mean by that is MS4 returns to the roots of MS1 which means your main enemies consist of soldiers, tanks, and choppers now. The mummies make a return appearance as well as other non-human baddies but don't expect the out there enemies of MS3, this is a somewhat realistic slug game again. The bosses are very well drawn, animated, and a little different from what has been seen before but it's a much needed break from some of the over the top stuff from MS3 if you ask me. Action junkies will not be disappointed though as enemies seem to come in by the truck load with intentions to put you six feet under is sure to keep that joystick moving and that thumb tapping. Word is some didn't like this because it would get "repetitive", well "if you can't stand the heat then get out of the kitchen" is what I say to that, how could you not love bringing the pain to so many enemy sprites while also making sure you don't get hit by a stray bullet at the same time?

Well there had to be..: Of course with every game there has to be the bad even though ripping the first two levels from the other slug games is not all that bad. Don't get me wrong all the levels are drawn very good but my only gripe with them is the fact that there is very little stuff to blow up in them but due to the amount of baddies running at me on screen that at least balanced that out.

The wrap up: It is the standard well drawn and beautiful 2d Metal Slug we've all come to love with some new animations here and there, and the sound effects are the same but still loved anyway. The music is all new and is up there with MSX and 3's tunes although it wouldn't have killed them to do some remixed versions of old MS tunes but you can't have everything. When ranked next to the previous slugs I have to say this has filled the shoes of the MS hype, is it THE best slug? I can not say since everyone does have their own fav in the series but Mega E. have done a impressive job in showing that this series and formula has a lot of life left in it. Is it the weakest game in the series? No, it does has about the same amount of stuff in it as MS3 did. With that I can only wonder what we are in for in Metal Slug 5.

The lowdown:
Graphics – 9/10
Sound – 7/10
Playability – 10/10
Life Span – 8/10
Presentation – 7/10
Originality – 7/10
Value For Money – 9/10

Overall – 8/10


"You got any last words Punk?....Well do ya'!
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