Amiga CD32 w/ SX1 - Clueless as to what to do


Rugal's Panther
20 Year Member
Apr 6, 2001
So I picked up an SX1 about a decade ago for my never used Amiga CD32 (NTSC version) and I do not have a keyboard and mouse so I don't know if the thing works at all and before I start spending money on it (buying a keyboard, mouse, scart cable, replacing the HD with a compact flash), I'd like to know it is working properly.

Ideally I'd like to swap out the internal HD with a flash card as that seems to be the thing to do and load it up with games.

Anyone with a CD32 and a working knowledge of how to get this thing humming along want to help me out? I'd be willing to send it out (stateside ideally) for someone to give it the once over.