Free Halo Infinite campaign codes

Pretty Amy

Benimaru's Hairdresser
Sep 15, 2013
I have an extra code or 2 for Halo Infinite campaign. You don't need a code for multiplayer since it's already free-to-play. Codes are for Xbox / MS Store and NOT Steam. Campaign is also on Game Pass in case you already have that.

PM me. First come, first served. I'll post when the codes are gone.

Fine print:
  • No assholes
  • No noobs with tiny post counts
  • Use the code for yourself, don't sell it or repost it somewhere else
  • I don't care if you play the game for 15 minutes or 50 hours


Cinema Ninja!,
Sep 24, 2013
Damn, can't believe there's still any available...

Thanks again for one! Not too far into it yet, but it does look quite nice. Surprised it's not taking up a lot more room. Rather small file for a 4K game, though I've heard the campaign isn't super long so that explains it.