Freeplay Florida 2016


Proto Hunter
20 Year Member
Nov 10, 2001
Hey guys,
Just a reminder that it's been another year and the best video game show in Florida is Friday November 11th through Sunday November 13th.

Last year we had several NeoGeo cabinets at the show, including a dedicated Irritating Maze, as well as several single slot boards in the console room. (either consolized or played through SuperGuns)

It's a great show, well worth the drive, with hundreds of games to see & play. I highly recommend it. So by all means, if your a member here, and you wanna meet other local NeoGeo fans, please make an effort to attend and post about it here.

I'll be there again this year, on all 3 days of the show, ready to talk neo with anyone. And again, I have hundreds of MVS carts available for sale, so if your looking for a particular title, let me know, and I'll bring it with me to the show.