FS: 250gb 360 Slim (and a bunch of free games)

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Sep 30, 2002


$150 shipped (US)

Controller (no batteries)
Power Cable
HDMI Cable
250gb Slim System

the system itself was bought new by me on release and it hasn't given me any issues whatsoever in all that time

i didn't do too much research on the price but that seemed fair after looking at ebay real quick

top of the system has a lot of scuff marks (used to throw it in my backpack with its cords and whatnot when i brought it over to my buddies) and the front has what looks like cleaning agent water spots--the spots are small little dots that you don't really see except under the right light/angle but they're there even though i couldn't get them to be shown in a picture (i'll try again if you'd like)

all the games shown are freebies

most of them are new, but a couple have shitty Gamestop USED stickers on them... but they're free and they're all good games (Alpha Protocol and Never Dead are good bad games)

paypal sucks ass but it's easy so i'll go that route unless you prefer a MO or whatever

i'll probably have my PS3 slim (the high GB model) for sale soon too if anyone has any early interest in that