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May 7, 2008
Willing to ship to my bruvah's in the north aka Canukistan at actual cost. All games/consoles/PCB's are original and very clean, no Yaton diaper box specials here. Any questions feel free to ask. Payment via PayPal f&f or add 4% for fees please. Loving reach-around's also accepted.

**** Disclaimer **** Due to work schedule I may need a couple days to get items shipped out. Nothing extreme, but wanted to give a heads up. Trying to get to the USPS on Saturdays.

PC Engine Duo-R
*RGB modded w/jailbar fix

*Scart cable from Retro Cables
*Standard AV cables
*Replacement power supply
*Matching controller (duo-r)
*Avenue 6 controller
*2x controller extensions
*Arcade Card (complete)
*Duo Card (complete)
*Krizz Turbo Everdrive w/micro sd card

--------------------------- $475 shipped (US)

Sega Saturn JPN (Victor)
*Mod Chipped, region free w/ST-Key

*Scart cable from Retro Cables
*Standard AV cables
*Official S-Video cables
*Official memory cart
*ST-Key cart
*Power cord
*Matching controller
*2x controller extensions

------------------------- $325 shipped (US)