FS: PC Engine SCART RGB cables & RAU-30


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Sep 18, 2003
My PC Engine setup has evolved over the years which has left me with a few cables I no longer need. So I figured I’d offer them up here for sale.

All prices are shipped within the US. I’d like to avoid international shipping at the moment due to the pandemic. Shipping in the US is slow as balls right now as it is.

Payment via PayPal, I’d appreciate friends & family payment but don’t feel obligated to do so.

Let me know if my prices are off base or if you have any questions!

SCART RGB cable $20
SCART RGB cable with RCA stereo breakout $25

Take both for $40 shipped.

Please note that you must have your PC Engine console modded for RGB to use these cables. I used these all with my PVM monitor.



SCART RGB plug and play adapter. Plug this into the back expansion port of your PC Engine for RGB video out with no modification. I used this with my Supergrafx until I got my SSDS3. Bought this on eBay a few years ago. $50



RAU-30 unit. Allows you to play CD games through your Supergrafx using a briefcase (Interface Unit) system. $50 shipped.


That’s it for now. Possibly more to come as I do more cleaning.