FS: Xbox 360 Bundle w/4 Fight Sticks / Mystery Boxes


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Dec 18, 2010
Greetings Everyone,

Stranded under 3' of snow and nothing better to do than clean house. Found some rubbermaid totes with a bunch of stuff I forgot I had, so obviously don't need.

Good Christmas gift here:

Xbox 360 Bundle:
360 Console (250GB I believe)
AC / AV Cable
4 Madcatz Brawl Fight Sticks
All with new color matching Sanwa Buttons and Balltops (Pink / Green / Blue and I think the last was yellow) - these are possibly unused. I remember buying them from gamestop, swapping the buttons and tops, and then I think they went directly in this bin - I don't recall using them).
A handful of games (FPS / Fighters, etc)
Thinking $149 plus shipping

Video Game Mystery Box - $99 shipped Midwest - $109 shipped to coasts
This will be a mix of random gaming stuff. Some still sealed. Buttons, CIB games, random gaming cables.
This should be a fun box and i'd be surprised if the buyer wasn't pleased.

Random Mystery Box - $99 shipped Midwest - $109 shipped to coasts
This will be gaming stuff, knick knacks, collectibles, Blu-Rays, headsets. Almost all of this stuff sells for $5-15 apiece on ebay, I just don't have the time for that. At least 30 items in the box and I keep putting stuff in. Not looking to make money - just want it gone. I think $200 on ebay is possible looking at it now if you truly didn't want any of the items.

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