Hello (Old Friend of Sifl's from Navy)


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Mar 28, 2001
Hello all. My name is Sean, and I am an old friend of your dearly departed member (and founding member), Sifl (Frank Allds Jr). I actually served in the Navy alongside Frank before he went to Yokosuka prior to his brain tumor discovery.

He spoke very highly and lovingly of you folks here on the NG Forums. In fact, I have been registered here as Saotome1 under his encouragement back in 2000 when we were at training school in Biloxi, MS. I was nowhere the dedicated forum poster as he was, hence my idle times on here sadly.

I stayed in touch with him during his time in Keflavik. Phone calls from there to the states are very expensive, as I learned. Aside from his Neo Geo, and this forum, a case of Rolling Rock was his steady companion on his days off watch.

Almost every day we would talk or discuss all things KoF related, and Neo-Geo Centric. And he HATED Athena, and would frequently use that character's name as his favorite four letter word when you got out of line.

I found out about his passing a while after you fine folks. It was approximately 10 years ago, when I called his dad's number in Milwaukee. Expecting to get the phone passed over to him, with a sad grit he told me frankly that Frank had died.

Please forgive my delay in writing this. I intended to do so much earlier.

Frank was a dear friend of mine, as you were all dear friends of his. What you loved of Sifl was very much embedded in the character and good, (no pun intended) frank and frequently black humoured spirit that Frank had outside of the forums.

There are numerous stories I could tell about hanging out with him, but I am sure that you folks who knew him could just as easily rival in your reminiscinces here.

As we all do in life, I've lost good friends in untimely and early death. Frank/Sifl's passing was very much a touchstone upon which I realized this bittersweet truth.

Forgive my longwindedness, but I wanted to formally introduce myself, and speak on how beloved these forums and you members were to my friend Frank, aka Iori. If you have any questions, I will be available here and try to check from time to time.

Best wishes to you all, and thanks for keeping Sifl's memory alive.

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