I am trading a whole lotta dvs for laserdisc


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Nov 20, 2004
Wow look at all of this DVD's that I am trading for Laser Discs, My Dvd's are all in mint condition with no scratches they were viewed once and then stored away. If possible i would like to get the same title for example if you want the dvd Jaws you must give me the laserdisc Jaws , but i know that some newer titles are not available on laserdisc and here you can give me any laserdisc that i don't have. Or If that particular laserdisc is rare then maybe i can give you 2 or more movies,or a boxed set depending on the rarity. The shipping method will be reciprocal meaning that once i receive the laserdisc i will send out the dvd inmedietly. I will only trade with persons in the 48 States of America and your laserdisc must play without a hitch.Thanks you can view photos of the dvd's at the following URL:http://www.geocities.com/malagon_oliver/dvsfortrade.html
Here is the list of the DVD movies they are all region 1 and original:
Jaws DTS
Gladiator DTS es edition
starship troopers 2
step into the liquid
Santa clause 2
matrix revolutions
matrix reloaded
The matrix
last samurai
bad boys 2
scary movie 2
forest gump
catch me if you can
Hollywood homicide
the new guy
Jason x
king of the hill episodes 6-9
Akira 2 disc special edition
Terminator 2 extreme edition
Terminator 2 ultimate edition
The terminator
Terminator 3
8 crazy nights
pearl harbor
speed 5 star collection
fight club
master and commander
Titan A.E.
Universal soldier
wind talkers
Edward scissor hands
Shanghai noon
a beautiful mind
Freddy vs Jason
the abyss 2 disc
total recall mars tin edition
the sixth sense vista series
triple x superbit
blade 2
die another day
panic room superbit
the mummy
the mummy returns
school of rock
rush hour 2
Texas chainsaw massacre new edition
the animal
saving private Ryan DTS edition
secret window
die hard 5 star collection
die hard 2
die hard3 with a vengeance
independence day 5 star collection
minority report
Queen greatest hits 2 disc DTS 24/96
harts war
double take
dances with wolves
pirates of the Caribbean
se7en 2 disc edition
lawnmower man
house the dead
Reservoir dogs MR PINK 2 disc edition
silence of the lambs
we were soldiers
full metal jacket
who framed Roger rabbit
from hell
tomb raider
mission to mars
black hawk down
exit wounds
Friday after next
American werewolf in Paris
initial D 1-6
Apollo 13 DTS edition
nightmare before Christmas dts
kill bill Vol 1
28 days later
batman the movie 1966
brother bear
cast away dts es
spy kids 3d with 3d glasses
lost in space
15 minutes
good fellas
half past dead
pitch black
blue streak
chicken run
*********DVD Boxed Sets:**********
Jack Ryan collection
Alien quadrilogy
Beverly hills cop collection
Ninja turtles collection
Back to the future trilogy
Rambo trilogy DTS metal tin 4 disc edition
Chucky collection
Pink panther boxed set
naked gun collection
Indiana Jones wide screen boxed set
The Godfather trilogy
Rocky collection
superman collection
Nightmare on elm street collection
leprechaun pot of gore

That is all thanks for looking send me a private message if you have questions.


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Nov 20, 2004
everithing pictured

i have all the dvds listed above and everything is as on the link pictures