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Oct 15, 2000
Snk RF Unit 15.00
Real Bout Fatal Fury 100.00
Majong Kyo Retsuden insert is copied not original 35.00
Mahjong Minasan no Copied Insert not original 50.00
Super side kicks 1 plastic tray cracked 40.00
Super Side Kicks 2 Plastic Tray Cracked 40.00
The Super Spy New Sealed Mint 80.00
Crossed Swords NEW SEALED MINT 80.00
Fatal Fury 3 60.00 ( SOLD )
Eightman USA Copied Insert Not original 50.00
Trash Rally USA Plastic Tray Cracked 45.00
Blue's Journey USA 40.00

Most the games Im selling with copied inserts Were loose games at one time and I found replacement cases and manuals for them at one point or another so rather then sell them loose the copied insert is always a nice to have.

If you need pics email me all prices include shipping.

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