Köln is AMAZING [dedicated to oliverclaude]


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Jan 4, 2002
Some time ago I had a wonderful dialogue with German user oliverclaude in the Italian subforum. The high level of his Italian just blown me off, for we have a nice chat about symbolism value in different videogame generations, and alas, I truly though he was a native Italian speaker. Not only that, an highly educated one. This is my sincere yet "professional" opinion as a pro in a linguistic-related work field. We finally closed our greatly enjoyable conversation like this:

Prima o poi visiterò Cologne. Perché conosco la storia e l'odore dell'Aqua Mirabilis di Johannes Maria Farina, mio connazionale accolto e resosi celebre in terra germanica, anche da me molto amata e stimata. :-)

(lit. trans: Sooner or later I'll be visiting Cologne. For I know the history and the smell of Aqua Mirabis by Johannes Maria Farina, my national comrade who had been welcome and got famed in German land, which is also greatly loved and highly considered by myself.)

Grazie, Shito! La famiglia Farina è molto apprezzata a Colonia (Claudia Ara Agrippinensium), non solo per la fragranza, ma anche per il Carnevale.

(lit. trans: Thanks, Shito! The Farina family is greatly appreciated in Colonia (Claudia Ara Agrippinensium), not only for their fragrance, but as for Carnival as well.)


And I so I did. This very year, during last August, I visited Köln (and Brühl, and Bonn, and Düsseldorf) together with my special one. All those cities are wonderful. But alas, Köln is just beyond that. It's simply amazing. Of course I love my motherland Italy and its many wonderful historical cities and lovely places. Of course I love Japan, whom I've been working with since about 25 years now, but again: Köln is just... perfect. The perfect balance of an historical place and a modern city.

The good? Everything, simply everything. From the first time you exist the main train/subway station and you are floored by the magnificent cathedral, till any single moment in which you discover every single corner or park or ward in town, be it North, West, South, or East. From the Rheine Park to the twelve Romanesque churches, from the busy city centre to the outer calm parks, everything is just wonderful. I even discovered the German national SNK distributor was actually located in nowhere else but Köln, and where did I find out? In a lovely retrogame store I literally bumped in for it sported a GeManto banner reproduction on the very street side.

The bad: just as usual, the very simple fact I am indeed a moron. :-( I had just forgot about the nice chit-chat with oliverclaude I opened this very post with, thus I could not think to contact him. But I'm surely to come back in Köln again next year. It's simply just too great. And I intentionally lest some places untouched (above all: Wuppertal) just to be sure to be on the spot again in less than twelve months.

See you then, I hope! :-)
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Feb 3, 2013
Grazie mille! Glad to hear you had a chance to visit Köln − and liked it. Though I haven't met anyone, who wouldn't be taken by the first view of our Dom from the main station's entrance, it's really something special to hear how much you enjoyed the whole rest of the city and its surroundings. But maybe I'm just as blind as any other resident, who doesn't realize the great little things of the city, he spent his entire life living in? Thanks for reminding me about them, Shito ;).

Anyway, too bad we didn't meet this time, but it's only a pleasure deferred. Should you visit Köln again, I make sure you'll meet the whole gang of the old & grumpy men we became: Hasuki-san, suicidekiller, Yamazaki, Takato, GES, Arcade-TV and all those I forgot. See you then, indeed!