Neo Geo Hyper 64 - Hyper or hype?


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Apr 26, 2002
I saw a Hyper with Buriki One in an Astro cab at one of the arcades in Akihabara last week, was getting some play too.

There's a beast busters and one of the driving games locally.

The beast busters has a TV shoddily mounted in it. funny to see, actually. I'd buy it, but it's a piece of shit and I have ZERO storage space left.


sweet berry wine
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Feb 13, 2005
I've never seen a Hyper machine locally here, hell I've never seen a Neo cab either.

evil wasabi

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Aug 20, 2000
Unfortunately for me I was not all over Japan arcades in the late 90s. Most of what I recall from the late 90s around here were Naomi stuff & sit down racers.

There were certainly other arcade machines, but in late 1998 through 1999, Asura Zanmaden was in a lot of arcades, and it was stunning for that era. But at the same time, those hyper games were directly competing with Namco games where the developers had a lot of experience in 3D fighters. SNK was just learning. So obviously more people would be playing Tekken TTT or SC2. And on the 2D side, I would say that in the late 90s, the CPS3 was probably the king of attracting players, as Jojo machines always had people playing them.

20 years later, I would not say the Hyper was hype, but it was competing with a lot of more polished games.


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Jan 28, 2009
I’d love a Beast Busters cabinet. Played one 15 years ago and fell in love with it. I’ve played it sporadically on name but it’s glitchy as hell. Still my favorite light gun game of that era though.