Orpheus is the man


Apr 3, 2004
No word can describe how solid it is to deal with Orpheus (Mitch).

My recent transaction with him was for US KOF 98 and 99. Mitch is the kind of guy who takes great pride and honor with his deal. He is a perfectionist in packaging, I cannot emphasize how happy I am to receive my games perfectly intact (He made the effort to double wrap the games with bubbles wrap). To my surprise, he is nice enough to include some freebie for me (Dream cast CD and a dvd) as a bonus.

For those who are new here, deal with him with great confidence. He is too good to be true.

Hope to do more business with you again.

*Other sellers who are as great as him: Kusanagi-sama, Shawn, KOF RUGAL B, Dralair*