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Jan 4, 2005
Hey thanks allot, I will keep that in mind,

but Im trying to stay as much as I can to the original parts that these cabs came out with,

so the one that I showed is that it?

can any one look inside their cab and what is the serial number or model number for the PS.

Thank you!!



Oct 18, 2002
Give me some info..

Do you have a Dedicated US Big Red Neo Geo Cab..?
Or a Jamma cab..that'll be a Conversion..

If going conversion with a standard Jamma harness get this one as ttooddddyy said..



(Looking for old info I have saved/some below)

If going Original in a Dedicated US Big Red Neo Geo Cab

The hardest things with these is you need to have the correct Jamma harness that is in Dedicated US Big Red Neo Geo Cabs.
It has the molex plugs that plug into the 3 Molex type plugs on this power supply.
Otherwise you'll have to cut all these ends off and it's not right..It's just a whole mess then..
I tried to put one of these in my Candy cab and it just would not work...I also tried to put one in my BAM cab and it wouldn't work..I got a constant hum in both cabs..
The Candy cab has a standard Peter Chou type and didn't need to be replaced,I was just messing around.
The Bam cab(1 slot) needed a PS so I put a type on like ttooddddyy said....and it works great..
Also is great for putting in other PCBs like Taito F-3

My Big Red and Neo Gold will not work properly with this standard type Peter Chou PS...but my other cabs do.

My Big Red and Neo Gold have new replaced Power Supplies in them now..As below..
(At Happs)
Below is the Proper replacement power supply that's used for a US Big Red Neo Geo Cab..
I don't know of any other companies that sell them..or cheaper...(I found two on Ebay cheaper/new)
(Maybe another member may know)
(In my Neo Gold)
This one has the plug/wire that goes to the On/Off switch inside your coin door.(I never see this one on Ebay)
Ultimate 150 Watt Power
Supply with External On/Off

As shown at Briggs site.

(In my Big Red because I got it super cheap/new) :p

This PS is another(cheaper) replacement that I have found several times on Ebay..It does "not" have (the plug/wire that goes to the On/Off switch inside your coin door)but works Great!!
You have to put the cab on a switch board so you can turn your cab on and off.
I have the parts to put in to make it External On/Off from an old PS,but I have to get around to do it.

Ultimate Power
Supply with On/Off
Switch - 150 Watt
NOTE:Happs changed the picture and it's not of the right one.
It does not come with 3 Molex connectors but two..

It looks like this.....(I saved the Pic)


Jan 4, 2005
Dude, you rule

thankss allot!!!
I know what ill get!!
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