Rare NGCD Titles and some MVS Including SSVS


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May 26, 2002
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***SOLD***•MV1FZ MVS MOBO - M condition - Loose $88 - PIC
***SOLD***•Loose SSVSpecial - Ex Condition, visible scratches on cart - $200
•Loose US FF2 - Ex Condition - $20
•Loose US Top Hunter - Sound not working properly - $20

Pic of the carts

***SOLD***•New/Sealed US Top Hunter - $45
***SOLD***•New/Sealed US Sengoku - $30
***SOLD***•New/Sealed US Gowcaiser - $80
***SOLD***•New/Sealed US Burning Fight - $30
•New/Sealed JP Ninja Commando - $28
•New/Sealed JP KOF'99 - $28

Pic of the above

•Mint US Last Resort Complete w/Spine card and Epilepsy card - $45
***SOLD***•Mint JP Futsal Complete w/Spine card and Reg card - $65
***SOLD***•Mint JP Breakers Complete w/Spine card - $80
***SOLD***•Mint US Pulstar Complete w/Spine card - $90

Pic of the above

•Mint JP Mutation Nation Complete w/Spine card - $28
•Mint JP World Heroes Perfect Complete w/Spine card and Reg card - $30
•Mint JP ViewPoint Complete w/Spine card - $45
•Mint JP Gowcaiser Complete w/Spine card - $55

Pic of the above
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