RetroTechRewind - deal gone bad.


Mr. Big's Thug
Dec 17, 2013

Shortly after bumping this thread, Lukas PMed me, wanting to make things right - going so far as to say that if I find someone to Consolize this A Board like he was supposed to, he would pay for it (I have no intentions of taking him up on this offer). He then actually packaged my A+B back up and sent it to me.

I have once again in my possession the A+B boards that I sent him ~18 months ago, and while there is no evidence of him having done work towards Consolizing the A Board, he *DID* fix it, as I sent it to him non working. And since I got my money refunded through PayPal and he shipped it back on his dime, I can't even really object to the time delay. Communication through it was bad, but it sounds like there was some extraordinary circumstances that are just terrible overall.

End results, it's more or less all worked out.


Jul 30, 2017
He still has my Street Fighter Alpha B-Board after ignoring all my ebay messages. Filed a dispute with ebay and won the case, but the B-Board is still not in my possession and the time wasted dealing with this guy...I'm still a little salty about it.