Sega CD Model 2 battery change


Super Spy Agent
Apr 22, 2014
Figured I would post this on here in case anyone is looking. Saw another thread on the forum that was really old asking.

My battery died in the sega cd so I could no longer save to the cd side backup ram. Pretty simple change. I removed the old battery and then soldered lines off the motherboard to a CR2032 vertical holder. By doing this it keeps it outside of the RF shielding, so next time the battery dies I can just open the system and swap instead of having to remove all the shielding. I used a rechargeable 2032 instead of the stock 2016 that was in it, figure it will give me longer charge time. There was corrosion under the old battery, so not a bad idea to replace it. I left the system on for like 6 hours to recharge the battery after replacement.



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Sep 20, 2004
Nice job man, I need to do this next time I'm in there.