SOLD…Nintendo Virtual Boy Bundle…SOLD


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Jul 6, 2013
Hoping to make a few funds available by this weekend so let’s try this again…

Nintendo Virtual Boy comes with the system, controller, ac adapter, stand, and flash cart. The stand has a new 3D printed badge on it because the original one broke after many years of use. I am including the broken original badge just in case you want it and because I am too much of a NERD to throw it away. The FlashBoy+ is awesome and makes everything available to you and easy to use. It loads 1 game at a time. I am including a thumb drive with all of the “programs” you need to use it. It also comes with the USB cord that interfaces the cart with your PC. (DO NOT FLASH THE CART WHILE IT IS STILL IN THE CONSOLE!!!) The system itself has had the ribbon cables solder fixed so the console runs perfectly every time and has for years. The only thing this system could use to make it perfect is a new foam visor, but the original one is still just fine so I never bothered.

$400 shipped obo via PayPal F&F…


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