[SOLD] HAS v2 Supergun


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Sep 18, 2003
SOLD. Thanks for looking!


I recently upgraded to a HAS v3, so I no longer need my old v2. This Supergun is made and sold by RGB on the SHMUPS forum. He sells many accessories for it over on SHMUPS too, including kick harnesses and Saturn controller adapters.

This one only includes the power cable for connecting it to an arcade power supply. It has Neo Geo compatible controller ports, has a built in digital voltmeter, and outputs RGB video through a 8pin mini din. It does a bunch of other cool stuff too, but instead of trying to sound smart about technical things I'll attach the PDF manual to this post. [emoji4]

This Supergun has served me well and hasn't given me any problems. I'm looking for $100 shipped within the US. Paypal gift appreciated but not required.


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