SVC chaos poll Is it all that good? NO


Nov 20, 2004
:crying: I really didn't like the Svc chaos game i am selling it on ebay it was a disapointment just like capcom vs snk 1 and 2, The only thing i liked was all of the snk characters all of them looked and played very good since they are from snk and playmore developed them.I only wished that the capcom characters would keep their voice and animation from the marvel vs capcom series and not become "neogized" although some like bison and dhalsim did improve, but the main thing that i hate about this game is the voice acting and their powers its weird and anoying.I was pretty excited when i got the game but it was dissapointing looks like its back to MUGEN for me where i have the dream match of "Marvel vs Snk vs mortal kombat vs dbz vs capcom vs killer instinct " and everithing is original voice and animation. :mr_t: