Want To Buy (WTB): Jeff Kurtz Neobitz Component / S-Video / Composite Encoder


Geese's Thug
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Dec 15, 2003
The last time I posted a request here, I got what I needed within the week. Hopefully, lightning can strike once more and this whole thing'll be wrapped up just as fast. So, here goes nothing! ;)

As the title indicates, I'm looking for one of Jeff Kurtz's Neobitz component / S-Video / composite encoders. Xian Xi, the member who'll be making the modifications to my SNK Neo Geo Home Cartridge (NGH) Advanced Entertainment System (AES), doesn't have any more in stock and won't until sometime around May 2016. Would anyone around here happen to have a spare right now? :confused:

With little to trade, I'm ready to buy. PayPal is preferred, though other methods of payment would definitely be considered. I promise an amicable, equitable, and timely transaction from start to finish. So, e-mail and PM those offers and let the hunt begin! :)

Also, to the first member here who -- outside of eBay -- can help locate the aforementioned item if he or she does not personally have it, a finder's fee of ten percent of the item's sale price will be sent by PayPal's Instant Transfer using the "Personal Gift" option once the transaction has successfully ended. :cool: