Acquired from Member Kusanagi'-Sama Unique, blue lined Neo Geo Bag,
acquired from Yahoo! Japan Auction.


Contains Unibios 2.0 (By Razoola)
Blue Power LED
Neobitz Component Video Board (one of Jeff's First customer Installs)
Composite Video Out
S-Video Out
Component Video out (Y-Pb-Pr)
Digital Audio Out Via Coaxial Cable, AND Optical Toslink Connection
2 Matching Old Style Sticks, modded with Blue LEDS in the ABCD Buttons


KV-32HS420 Hi Definition Sony WEGA 32'' 4x3 2D Gaming Rig in my "Neo Room"

Connected Via Monster Cable Hi Definition THX Certified Component Video Cables
TV with "Digital Reality Creation™" Multi-function analyzes a 480i
NTSC image and creates a digital bit mapped pattern in real time. The
original NTSC signal is mapped in real time, replaced with an HD
representative and then discarded. Because DRC™ processes video
signals in real time, it creates an image with 4X the density of the
original signal. Resolution is increased both vertically and
horizontally 4 fold.


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