Videos by: TRIEUMINATOR  |  Hosting organized by: Shawn

9/30/02 Bandwidth usage for the month of September exceeded the terabyte mark. Time for the videos to go down else hosting charges would would be a new Cadillac per month. Hope everyone was able to download at least once, and preferably only once.

9/10/02 The server came to a grinding halt, again. We will put the videos back up one at a time, in chronological order. Will start with video #1 today, #2 tomorrow, and so forth. After 20 days, all 20 videos will be available simultaneously.

- Files are in MPEG format.
- Each movie is an equal 8.2 MB in size.
- A new daily video will be added at midnight CST.
- Talk about the videos here.

Video #15 will crash in Windows Media Player. Must use Apple QuickTime or Real Player to view. (this applies to video #15 only)


9/10/02 Normally, an average of 3.5 GB (gigabytes) is downloaded from each day. On September 9th, the day the videos went public, bandwidth increased ten fold to a whopping total of 34 GB for one day. This is equivalent to 4,146 large 8.2 MB video downloads which occurred over a matter of hours! If this rate was sustained, the server bandwidth would be @ a terabyte per month.

34004.69 on 9-09
50874.37 on 9-10
42521.69 on 9-11
45586.72 on 9-12
42367.96 on 9-13
41636.36 on 9-14
40467.23 on 9-15
52341.82 on 9-16

 <--- Bandwidth usage since videos went up. Wow, many KoF fans out there!

- Note, usage is in the form of MB listed in left column. Divide by 1000 to get GB equivalent.


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