by Minijhun


US Title: Samurai Spirits! 2 
Japanese Title: Samurai Spirits! 2 
Year: 1999
Size: 16 Megs
Pocket Link? Yes
Dreamcast Link? No
B/W Compatible? No
Color Compatible? Yes
Japanese Option? Yes
English Option? Yes


Even though this may be Samurai Shodown 2, it doesn't have the characters that made 2 so fun (i.e. Cham-Cham.) This installment of the game introduces 4 new characters, Asra, Morozumi, Shiki (from Samurai Shodown 64), and the prompter (who is basically a random select button.) All the characters still have both the Slash and Bust modes and they are new moves introduced to the game, like the rage explosion, which is done by pressing A and B together and it shoots the throws your opponent across the screen. Another fun aspect is collecting the many cards in the game, this is done by beating arcade mode with different characters, now, on to the review. 


Graphics 9/10

I liked the graphics in this game, a lot. There are many vibrant colors, and they all seem splash out of my small NGPC screen. I also liked how all the characters looked small and reminded me of the good ol' Pocket Fighter days.



Sound: 7/10 

The music in this game was mediocre, but the sound effects were quite nice. There was one song, during the ending credits, which was really cool, and I cant seem to stop humming it. 


Control: 6/10 

This was the one section that I really didnít like about the game. While the controls are nice and responsive, I didnít like the games fighting engine. A is the attack button, and B is some what of a deflect button. Now, this is simple and nice, but it just didnít fit the type of fighting games I like. Even though you can get new moves for the B button, Iíd rather have a simple slash and kick interface.




Overall: 7/10 

Samurai Shodown!2 is very good in itís own terms, I much rather play King Of Fighter R-2, or Match Of The Millenium. One little thing I really did like about the game was how there is a mini boss who is gigantic, and you have to jump up to hit him. The graphics made this game some good eye candy, but the play mechanics can be best described as ďmeh.Ē (i.e. not very good.) 





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