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    Worst game system ever made

    really? even worse than the 32x?:spock: which I appreciate os an add-on, but that was a disaster
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    Worst game system ever made

    Ive owned a few over the years (like most of us) but for me, the worst system Ive ever played on unfortunately would be the jaguar. I say unfortunately because for some reason I do actually like the system, but the controller is the worst Ive ever used and the games(apart from AvP) did nothing...
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    Car Enthusiast Thread

    Ill have to agree, that doesnt do anything for me at all apart from laugh at the thought of parting with nearly $90k for it:eek:
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    aww hell, AvP 2 (movie)

    Thats exactly what I thought. Trouble is, most of us know its gonna be shit, just like the first one, but most of us will still go and see it/rent it/buy it with a very very slim hope that it might not be as bad as we know it will be
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    Ban this idiot______________

    police in the uk are a bunch of tossers anyway tho, I mean they do anything to help you as its too much effort, but Im sure they'll do their best to catch you speeding down a deserted country lane
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    Car Enthusiast Thread

    heard it on the radio last night and watched it on the news this morning. I hope he pulls through, hes a top bloke and a great presenter
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    Wii Price & Launch Date Thread ($250 w/ Wii Sports on Nov 17 in the US)

    I take it that release date is a US release date or is it a worldwide release date? Europe always has to wait ages after Japan and the states:crying:
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    9/26 Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Ultimate Edition

    really not a fan of the film - you wait about an hour for something to happen and then everyones dead in 15mins
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    Perfect Dark Zero XBOX 360 NEW $19.99

    completed the game a while ago, but nice to see some of the 360 games are finally starting to come down in price - I still think £50 or $50 for a 360 game is too much
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    What're the good 360 online FPS's?

    the only one ive played online so far is Prey. Didnt like it all, pretty choppy and I just found it hard to see what the hell was going on - so after literally 2 deathmatches, the disc was out, and Halo 2 was booted up.
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    test drive unlimited sucks so much

    was actually looking at the game in my local gamestation on saturday deciding whether to give it a go or not, but decided for £50, I'd best know a little more about the game first rather than just the pretty artwork on the back of the case. After reading this thread, I think Ill either rent it...
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    FS: Ganryu !Arcade! Conversion AES

    hey buddy, the reserve price was £180 - looks like it'll sit on the shelf for a while longer until the market picks up:oh_no:
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    FS: Ganryu !Arcade! Conversion AES

    hey buddy!!! pm on way!:mr_t:
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    FS: Ganryu !Arcade! Conversion AES

    Hi guys, the times come to clear some more space and raise some cash towards some trick bits for my bike, so Ive put up for auction my Ganryu !Arcade! conversion; heres the link:
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    Pretty nice Gold MVS Cab in the NY area on ebay

    not a major fan of the exposed wood sides, I mean dont get me wrong, they look in good clean condition, I just think they make the cab look a little dated